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Works inspired by the sea and touching the human soul

Maria Antuanelle is an abstract artist from Russia who lives and works in one of the largest Australian cities – Sydney. Her paintings have a unique style and provoke a unique feeling, while the sea waves, scent and atmosphere are the themes which have become her trademark. For her, the sea is the main source of inspiration.

Imagine soft and calm waves touching the white sand, as well as your body and soul

It’s that time in your life when you feel so alive and everything seems possible. A moment you never wish to end. A dream that will last forever …

Maria Antuanelle uses minerals, sea shells and liquid glass in order to create an artwork which brings the spirit of the ocean, which is smooth and relaxing and give a feeling of sea scenery in abstract form. Typically her works of art consist of several layers of liquid glass, poured on a fabric or wooden board and takes several weeks to create.

According to the author the most difficult part is to know when to stop since the liquids on the painting are susceptible to peeling. Usually the process continues as the material slides on the board within a few hours after the pouring. Her paintings combine traditional Russian stone painting technique (when the whole painting is 100% made of semi-precious stones glued to the board) and pouring technique with modern medium liquid glass.

For the last year her paintings have been exhibited in several international museums and galleries, as well as dozens of private collections.

Her motto as an artist is “Four oceans in sea shells, mineral crystals and fire”. Following this motto, Maria Antuanelle tries to capture the emotions induced by various beautiful places around the world, as well as the incredible infinite beaches and waves.

The feel of the ocean and the sea is present in all of her paintings, even those who do not represent the sea waves literally. Even if not literally present, the ocean manages to touch Maria Antuanelle’s paintings in some way, awakening a sense of freshness, coziness, dreamyness and ease to anyone who has the happiness to see her works.

You can find more information about Maria Antuanelle on her personal pages : antuanelle.com | Instagram | Facebook

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