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Metal scrap “flies” in the form of gentle and beautiful birds

Each of us has thrown out a few kilograms of metal in his lifetime – crooked utensils, cracked vessels, unnecessary objects, old springs, and such. There are many different ways in which we can use these already useless items, but most often we throw them out because we have no desire, no time or don’t see any point of making something out of them, considering how easily and quickly we can buy new ones.

In a way, we can say that it is in this moment that we enter the field of art. Art is born where society gives up, it appears when people stop seeing the meaning of something. This is the aim of the artist we want to introduce to you today. He neglects the idea of throwing out everything that is not useful and tries to create beautiful artworks from these already unnecessary metal utensils and objects.

Matt Wilson is an American artist who works in South Carolina

He devotes himself to working with old silver and metal utensils, which, after being bend and welded, turn into gentle and beautiful sculptures of birds and other wild animals. Typically, Matt uses wood pieces to add some details to his artwork, which, after being finished, he mounts on wooden bases to make them easier to carry or place.

His works are realistic, creative, original and manage to capture the true nature of birds such as red-breasted birds, swallows, owls and other marine creatures which he manages to create using a minimal number of parts and elements. Wilson has an extraordinary ability to create works of art that speak for themselves, using the natural forms of spoons and forks for wings and long tails. His purpose is not to hide or conceal the materials from which his works are made, but on the contrary – to show that old utensils and other objects can become an inspiration for beautiful works of art.

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