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Turning ordinary shadows into art

We all used to played with our shadows when we were children. We tried to escape from them or hide from them, but always... unsuccessfully.

Belgian artist Vincent Bal not only does not try to escape from the shadows, but rather uses them and creates his art by combining objects, drawings, situations and elements of reality with the magic of the shadows which complements his creations by creating a work that is built simultaneously from the physical and the ephemeral.

Vincent Bal is a Belgian director and artist who has created four feature films and several short films
As a child, Vincent spends most of his time reading comic books. He studied film directing at the St. Luke School in Brussels, and his third short film "Aan Zee" was included in the program of many film festivals and has won several of them.

Vincent finishes the short film Tour de France in 1994, then directs The Bloody Olive, which wins over 20 awards from film festivals around the world.

His current phenomenal project is called "Shadowology" and could not help but attract attention with its creativity and originality.

Shadowology is a series of Vincent Bal, created as a combination of everyday objects and their shadows, creating beautiful illustrations. Some of them are entertaining, some of them are serious, and others are sad … Because it covers the whole spectrum of human emotions and feelings, Bal decides to name his project with a name that sounds extremely scientific.

While Vincent works on a screenplay for his new film in May 2016, he suddenly noticed how the shadow of a glass on his desk looked like a little elephant. He completes the image and photographs his work and shares it on Instagram.

The reactions are so positive and interesting that he dares to create a few "shady doodles" every day. From this day on, Vincent did not stop to demonstrate his fantasy and imagination.

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