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Artist Lucy Sparrow created a hand-stitched replica of a supermarket

If you’re willing to have some sweet treats late in the evening and feel some guilt, do not miss a stop at 8’Til late, the latest temporary installation of British artist, Lucy Sparrow, known for turning everyday objects into art.

Situated on The Standard High Line, Manhattan, the store is filled with thousands of items which can be found in a typical grocery store

8 “Til late is packed with cereals, delicacies and different types of meat, frozen foods and spirits – all of the items are made of velour and a little bit of paint and just like a real store, everything you like can be bought.

For the past few years, Lucy Sparrow has presented her artworks in art galleries and art fairs around the world, including Art Basel, Scop Miami and New York Affordable Art Fair.

8 “Til Late is linked to a project with its London installation in 2014, titled The Corner Shop with a similar concept and performance, but with products that are recognizable and traditional for Europeans.

You can see in detail about 400 individual elements of the 8 Til Late on the Artist’s website.


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